Friday, March 18, 2011

The Devil Wears Pigtails Turns 2

It's official. 2 years from this very moment I was walking up and down hills and all over the back roads of Branford, CT because I didn't want to be pregnant anymore. I was done. This little girl 'critter' had been sitting on my sciatic nerve for the past 6 months. Get this friggin' kid out of me!!!! That night contractions started and the next day she was here.

On her way out she caused enough damage to require 26 stitches, internally and externally. This is why I say that I gave birth to a cheese grater. Every since 10:19am on March 19, 2009 little miss Pheobe Lee has been on her own time schedule with a bit of a diva attitude. She has screaming fits that break windows. She throws tantrums that land her in the middle of walkways. She has a tendency to attempt to beat her brother Theo up. There have been times when I'm pretty sure she's talking in tongues and growling. She is my little demon, aka: The Devil Wears Pigtails.

But so often I catch her rocking her baby dolls, tucking them in, and telling everyone in the house "Shhhhh, baby sleeping." She's the queen of snuggles and kisses. And she idolizes her big brother Theo, mimicking his every move. Every day she has a new facial expression and new words in her vocabulary. Every day she is an amazement to me. And tomorrow she will be 2. The years will fly by faster than I care to think about, and I'm sure the temper will be tamed and she'll do great things. But one thing's for sure, she will always be my Devil Wears Pigtails.

Happy 2nd Birthday Pheobe Lee! Mommy loves you.