Friday, March 25, 2011

Conversations with The Donor

This morning I was tweeted this awesome picture of me by @ScreenscapeS as a super hero. (my favorite one at that)
I was proud so I threw it up on Facebook for all my non-tweeps to see. And who do you think the first person to comment on the picture was? Ah yes, you guessed it, The Donor. And so began the friendly banter that made me chuckle for an hour this morning.

The Donor: You realize that superhero's power is to drain the life force and consuming the energy and power from anyone she touches right? He turned you into Rogue from the X-Men.

Me: I am aware of this. You're the one that takes pleasure in calling me the Connecticut Killjoy so Rogue seems oh so appropriate don't you think? Kind of along the same lines as the favorite spider.

The Donor: When you put it like that then I guess yes, it would be appropriate. Rogue is kind of a gay tat but the widow will be inked on sometime in April. Julie's name and now the Connecticut Killjoy tribute. I swear I'm going common law from here on out! No more tributes. Good thing I can't have anymore kids.

Me: So glad I can be the inspiration for such a tribute. You're welcome. And yes, good thing on no more kids. Whew!

The Donor: Yes yes! Like I said, common law from here on out. No more tributes. I figured you took five years of my life and spawned my babies so something was in order to get inked. Another chapter closed.

Me: ‎*slams book down and cracks open a beer*

The Donor: Blue Moon preferably.

Me: Ummm, you don't like beer. Remember?

The Donor: I like Blue Moon. That's just about the only beer I don't like.

Me: You mean "Do like".....nice to see you're expanding your horizons past Jack Daniels. Proud of you.

And so the conversation ended. What did we learn from this kids? Lets recap:
  • I, like Rogue, drain the life force out of people. Win.
  • I will live on in flesh art in the form of a blackwidow spider. Win again.
  • My vagina spawned the last of The Donor's seeds. Yet again, win.
  • The Donor and I have something other than our spawn in common, we like Blue Moon. Win?
  • The Donor has expanded his drinking vocabulary. Ummmm, win......?
  • A guy I work with just whipped out a HUGE bag of dark chocolate!!! I win so hard y'all are sobbing in the dust.
That is all, I have dark chocolate to nom on;)

P.S. Special thanks to The Donor and his guest appearance in this blog post.


  1. Donor? I could get used to that. Its definately one of the lesser evil-ish names I've been called over the years. Its certainly better then what I'm called by the starter wife which is just a conglomeration of various swear words rolled into a single linguistic nightmare of a nickname

  2. Saying The Donor has become my way of seperating you from the 200,000 Michaels in the world and has a much better ring than 'The Ex', so generic. lol

  3. Why I love Lelly so much! Mwah!