Friday, September 24, 2010

Supporting my fellow US Military Veterans

I know I usually blog about my kids, but I'm kind of proud of myself today and want to spread the word to support your military and veterans.

I work in the Veterans Services Office at the college I go to.  It pays like shit ($8.25/hr) and it's only 25 hours a week, but it gives me a chance to reach out to my fellow US Military Veterans and give them support and a place to be themselves. It also gives me a chance to be part of the Veterans Club and reach out to other veterans not at the college. We recently had a magazine drive for the local Veterans Hospital and made it into the school president's newsletter. It's small thing, but it's a big deal to me knowing that the little things I do and the shitty pay I get for doing them are all worth it in the end. Here is the article that was in the news letter.

Veterans Club collects 1,400 magazines for hospital

GCC’s Veterans Club recently delivered an estimated 1,400 magazines collected over the summer to the VA Medical Center – West Haven where they will be placed in waiting rooms for patients and their families.
The VA Medical Center-West Haven includes an inpatient and Ambulatory Care Center that provide health care for thousands of veterans who have served in conflicts going back as far as World War II through today’s operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
“Fourteen boxes were collected in all, including eight that were saved from recycling and donated by the great staff at Gateway’s library,” said Rick Palinko (USMC), a veterans certifying official at GCC and organizer of the magazine drive.

Three club members (left to right in photo) helped Palinko deliver the magazines: liberal arts student Oscar Rodriguez (USMC); dietetics technology student Brandi Vassiliou (U.S. Coast Guard), and graphic design student Rob Johnson (U.S. Army).
Palinko said anyone who supports our military can join the Veterans Club by visiting Room 107 on our Long Wharf campus.

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