Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Putting The Clothes On The Floor

I am a Mom. I have been for 3 1/2 years and there's no way of getting around it. I have a feeling this crazy thing called motherhood is going to continue right through to the end. Oh the stories I'll have by then! First up is Theo, my little man. He's 3 1/2 and recently discovered his attitude. I'm not really sure who told him he was allowed to have one, but when I asked him if he had permission he told me flat out, "Yes Mommy." The conversation ended there, he has permission, Mommy has been overruled. Next up is Pheobe, aka The Devil Wears Pigtales. She's one and didn't think it was fair that her brother got to have an attitude and she didn't.....she now has an attitude that trumps Theo's. I tried to bring up the attitude in conversation with her one day, she looked at me and spit out a Cheerio. And so ended that conversation. Good talk little girl, good talk. The final part to this equation is Mike, my oldest. He's going to be 30 on Sunday, he's also my husband. His therapist and his sister (who is also a therapist) both say that he is mentally stuck at about 15 years old. This is why I feel it only fair that I add him into the child line up. I'm guessing my need to marry a "15 year old" comes from a lack of "serious" relationships in high school. Now if only he would take me to the prom. My friends, family, and my own therapist say that you can't make up half the stuff that happens in my house. This blog is to share with the rest of you my crazy life. You'll hear it all from Pheobe trying to fill all the tupperwear with poop to Theo telling me that he's "got this one" when Pheobe is screaming. For all you Mom's out there that need a little help remembering that life really is commical, this blog's for you!

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