Friday, May 28, 2010


The other day I looked at my son who wasa pulling on his penis. When I asked him if he had to pee he said no, and walked away. He came back into the room 5 minutes later doing the same thing. "Theo, do you have to pee?" "No Mommy." And off he went again only to return in another 5 minutes.  This time his penis was hanging out over the top of his pants.  "Theo, what are you doing?" "My penis was hiding." "Hiding?" "Yes, in my pants." "What is it doing now?" He looks down. "Nothing," and walks away.

A few days later my son kept running into the kitchen with his penis hanging out over his pants yelling, "PENIS" while shaking it around.  My conclusion, he penis was done hiding and wanted to play peek a boo.  I asked no questions that day, instead I pretended to act suprised everytime he came around the corner yelling "PENIS!"

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