Sunday, May 9, 2010

First off....the dirty sock.

I have been planning a birthday party for my husband for the past month.  Well it's not really a "birthday" party so much as a "last day of your 20's" party.  He had told me that he didn't want a party for his 30th because it was depressing (he's a little broken up about having to 'grow up').  The party was originally a suprise party.  I was doing so well with it too.  I had sent out event invitations on Facebook, covertly contacted non-Facebook users, and researched his present without his knowing.  I had even organized it so there would be a roast in his honor.  We were all going to raise our whiskey shot glasses and insult him until he cried from laughing so hard.  Beer Pong Tournament with prizes along with a fun game of Pin the Goatee on Mike.  Hot damn this was going to be a good time!

I don't think I ever mentioned that Mike is from Staten Island, NY.  He's a New Yorker through and through with his top life ideals being "Lie, Cheat, and Steal".  He's that guy who can argue himself out of a paper bag and then win you over so that you'll want to buy him a drink afterwards.  He's also the master of deception.  This is how his birthday party became unsuprising.

I was aproached, well cornered, in the bathroom by Mike while I was giving the other kids a bath.  He had talked to his mother earlier that day and she wanted to know what was going on this weekend.  He was playing it up like she had spilled the beans about the party, complete with her backtracking.  I couldn't believe that she had done that, I was pissed! Now i know that my husband's family doesn't always like the things I do, but I couldn't figure out why she would spill the beans about the party.

Come to find out, she never knew....I'm just married to the sneakiest bastard alive!  He now knew, this could only mean one thing....nothing was going to go as planned.  Mike needs everything the way he wants it.  The plan was a BBQ with games and keeping everyone outside so that he would have a place to escape to...inside.  He is always saying that he is ok with having people over as long as he has a place to escape to so he would prefer that they were outside.

For the 24 hours after he found out about the party he was beyond excited that I had put in so much thought into his birthday. He was posting it all over Facebook and all smiles when I saw him.  He was walking on cloud 9........until he got into his head that he wanted to watch the UFC Pay-Per-View.  It all went downhill from there.  Suddenly I was in the wrong for ever thinking that a suprise party would be good for him.  Not only that, but a suprise party full of people he didn't really know (I invited mutual friends and people he worked with, that he knows).  He was also mad because I didn't give him a place to escape to.  His logic was that ordering the pay-per-view gave him the option to come inside....inside his own house....because he needs a reason to come in.  Another arguement was that he didn't want something that revolved around him.

One of my main reasons for not wanting to order the PPV, my parents were going to be in town....they sleep in the living room....where the TV is.....the TV that we watch PPV's on.  I had expressed that it wasn't fair to them if we are watching TV while they are trying to sleep.  We don't have a guest room and because of my father's weight having him walk down the wood stairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom is not fair.  These arguements..... were treated as null and void.
After hours of banging heads about the subject I canceled the bbq I had planned and let him take the reigns.  He ended up ordering the PPV and planning a bbq.  I was talked in to beliving that I was the one in the wrong  for ever planning a party for him that he didn't have control over.  We currently have a house full of people in our livingroom.....not outside.....he has no escape......yes, this is my husband in a nutshell.

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